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Eco? Naturally

Proud to be Different
A commitment to green technology

Choosing Moduleo® means making an eco-friendly choice for the future. Working from our own purpose-built, eco-friendly production plant in Avelgem, Belgium is just one of the ways we are doing things differently.

All Moduleo® flooring contains up to 50 per cent recycled material of verified origin and are themselves recyclable, whilst our Belgian production plant meets the strictest EU air and water pollution policies.

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Low Carbon Footprint

Unlike other manufacturers of luxury vinyl flooring, Moduleo® products are only shipped from Belgium, rather than the Far East which saves on unnecessary transportation and is much kinder to the planet.
Moduleo® luxury vinyl flooring is not only eco-friendly in production, but also in practise, as cleaning does not require harsh chemicals and our products also contain heat insulating properties to cut down on heating requirements.

Green technology is crucial for the future of our planet and we know that consumers are as conscious as we are of the earth’s diminishing natural resources. We hope that both retailers and consumers who are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly flooring solutions will think of Moduleo® first!
A+ BRE Rating

Moduleo has a BRE A+ rating, one of the first luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers globally to gain an industry benchmark BRE global rating. BRE is the foremost environmental assessment method and the industry leading accreditation system for sustainable buildings and construction materials. Each product which is certified by BRE Global has undergone a “cradle to grave” assessment, looking at its environmental performance throughout every stage of its life.
ISO9001, ISO14001 & BREEAM

We have been independently certified with ISO accreditations for quality management and environmental practice. Moduleo® has achieved the global quality management standard ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 which specifies environmental requirements for effective management.

Moduleo is proud to be have generic BREEAM ratings for its products.

With ongoing investment in green technology, we are thrilled to announce that up to 40 per cent of the energy used in our manufacturing process will soon be generated by our own wind farm, coming on line in 2013.
A+ Indoor Air Quality

Air quality within the home or workplace is a critical factor to health and wellbeing. At Moduleo® we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials to manufacture our products. Following a series of rigorous tests, we are proud to have been awarded an A+ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accreditation. Moduleo® LVT conforms to the requirements for the German AgBB accreditation. In addition to this, the products have also been classified A+ in the French scheme, “Émissions dans l’air intérieur” which labels decoration and furnishing products with a classification on the basis of VOC emissions tests.


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